2022 Schedule

April 23-24 – Precision/Tactical 2-Rifle match

AR-15, Precision rifle on every stage – 8 stages in Coal Canyon. Squads will RO themselves…mostly! Sign-ups available in January

May 14-15 – He-Man 3-Gun Nationals

Sign-ups will be available in December.

3 Divisions – He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope and wee-man. This match focuses on the big guns. He-Man shoot .45 pistols, 12 gauge pump shotgun and a .308. Travel Companions and Staff may shoot wee-man with match director permission.

Dedicated RO’s on every stage

August 12 – 14 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun

20 years

Pre-Sign ups will be available in December for shooters who attended in 2019, 2020 and 2021. If we’re not full, it will open up to everyone at the end of January.

Three days, nine stages.

5 Divisions – He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope, Limited Iron, Limited Scope.

Dedicated RO’s on every stage

Contact: johnson3gun@gmail.com