2-Rifle match scheduled for April 27-28, 2024

8 stages over 2 days. Shooters will be RO’ing themselves for the most part.

These matches combines the best of two worlds…Precision Rifle where you know your dope, get comfortable and place shots with precision and Tactical Rifle or 3-Gun style rifle where you move around and you can send as many rounds downrange as you need to hit your targets.

If you’re a precision shooter who’s always wanted to try action shooting, or you’re an action shooter who wants to try something with more precision and accuracy or you just have 2 styles of rifles and want to compete with both, this match is for you!

Each stage requires at most 10 Precision Rifle Rounds and at least 10, often 15 AR-15 rounds for a total of 80 PR, and at least 120 AR.

You bring 2 rifles – an AR15 (.223 only) and a Precision Rifle (.223 to 300WM) and all the bags, bipods, backpacks, paraphernalia that you would bring to a precision match and the rifle portion of a 3-gun match. You may use any accessory you carry with either or both rifles. You will need to be able to sling either rifle. Bipods, Suppressors, Shooting Sticks, Tripods are all OK. All equipment used must be carried. Wind meters, binoculars, range finders, etc are also allowed. Both rifles may use any “manual”optical scope.

Most targets are known distance, but can integrate unknown distances into the match. AR15 rifle will mostly be used for targets from up close and personal to about 400 yards. The precision rifle targets will be from about 300 yards to about 1000 yards.

Two types of stages: Field and Stationary.

-The Field Stages will have movement from a start position with AR loaded at low ready, PR slung, any additional equipment also carried. Engage AR targets (10 targets total) while moving to the PR shooting position. Once at the PR position the AR will be grounded safely and then the shooter will engage 5 long range steel targets with the PR. Field Stages can also start with PR and transition to AR, but most of the course of fire movement will be with the AR.

-The Stationary Stages will be from defined shooting positions, maybe 10-20 feet apart. Can start with either rifle or even have a choice.


Stages are normally 5 minutes time limit, with no advantage for finishing faster, only points are recorded. Each AR target is worth 1 point. Could be cardboard, steel, or clay targets. Unlimited rounds may be expended with the AR. Cardboard targets will be scored ½ point for each A/B hit, ¼ point for each C, and a 0 for a D hit, max 2 hits per target. Clays and steel are 1 point each.

PR targets are normally steel and usually will be worth 2 points for a first round hit, 1 point for a second round hit, max 2 rounds expended at each target, which will usually be steel.

10 AR targets per stage, and 5 PR targets per stage. 20 points are available per stage, no score or penalty for misses or FTEs. Shooter with the most points wins the match.